Welcome to PolityMaking!  I aim to explore the data-rich world of public policy and offer fact-based commentary.  I’ll also regularly share the work of others that I find to be insightful and relevant to public affairs.  My hope is to promote civic discourse, so please share your thoughts and reactions frequently!

My name is Trevor Higgins.  Originally of Buffalo, I am temporarily situated in DC.  I am an avid student of public policy, a father, and a former high school teacher.  This is my way of combining a love of teaching, an unnatural addiction to Excel, and a belief that our voices can shape the course of events.

Polity (from the Greek Politeia, and translated into Latin as Civitas or Res Publica) refers to our government – but not to the institutions or to the set of contractual obligations or to a pile of military assets. It’s the social body politic of the citizens, our self-governance, and it must be constantly remade.


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